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Reorganization / Liquidation

The purpose of the reorganization the company is to establish a procedure for payment the debtor’s debt which is in unable to pay by working an activity plan or by liquidation of company assets to cover the debt.

We offer specialized consulting and assistance in developing the plan of judicial reorganization and will be in negotiations on commitments for payment. Also, we will assist you to transfer the goods on commercial debts account or to sale the goods in case of forced execution.

Our office provides advice and assistance to:

  • Suspend business activity
  • Reorganizations
  • Voluntary dissolution and liquidation company
  • Judicial dissolution and liquidation company
  • Special bankruptcy procedures

Moreover, as a requirement of European economic landscape, companies must continually adapt according to market trends and pressures in order to keep its competitive edge.

In this respect, our office can provide strategies in:

  • Restructuring, privatization and investment attraction
  • implementation of programs to upgrade and introduce new technologies to ensure the modernization activities by attracting strategic investors, with real financial potential
  • Sustainable development of resources’ exploitation, rationally and with little or no risk and impact on environment
  • Solving environmental problems
  • Technology transfer, know-how within companies and increase their operational efficiency
  • Increasing the number of sales markets