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Business partner verification

Before concluding a deal it is always a good idea to know if the partner company is still in business. A company in dissolution, insolvency, bankruptcy or canceled, cannot sign an agreement. Also, a company with expired headquarters presents no guarantee that can be found at that address. Furthermore, you should know if the said representative has the right to sign on that company behalf.

For a complete legal assessment of the partner company it should be verified if it appears as defendant for payment disputes, action for opening of insolvency proceedings, etc.

Besides this legal assessment is required an assessment of fiscal trustworthiness, also. It worth to know if the potential partner has been involved in payment incidents and, if checks, notes or exchange bills issued by the partner are covered.

This verification service allows you to be informed, in the most rapid, economical and comfortable way about the legality and the solvency of business partners. Depending on the response received after the verification, you will be able to appreciate a future collaboration.

If after the received information a potential risk is forthcoming and nonetheless you consider the partnership profitable, we recommend placing certain clauses to enhance contract safety.

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