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Terms and conditions

1. General Terms

This document contains terms and conditions of (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") and determine the conditions under which individuals and companies, hereinafter "Clients", can access the website and the acquisition of services through it.

This site is by owned Cleopatra Marin Law Office, hereinafter referred to as "Firm".

You may not copy, take, reproduce, publish, transmit, sale, distribute, partially or entirely, or change the content of this website or any part of it made for other purposes than personal use.

The firm reserves the right to court any person and / or entity that violates in any manner the above provisions.

Requests to use the content of the Site for any purpose other than personal use can be made in written by the means indicated on the Contact page.

Any person who submit in any manner information or material to the Site undertakes not to breach in any way any copyright or other intellectual property rights that a third party could held in connection with materials and information submitted.

People who post information or material in any way understand and accept that in any breach of this obligation can not engage in any way the Firm’s responsibility, but their own.

Users are required to provide comprehensive, valid, truthful and accurate data and information when register, access and use the website services.

2. Privacy Policy

Under the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, and of Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and privacy in electronic communications sector, our company processes personal data obtained from customers, provided that:

The data is supplied directly by the client and are applied only to conclude the contract for legal assistance or to comply with the legal operation requested by the client (making actions and claims in court, and other similar contracts).

Personal data required are: Name, personal identification number (CUI), home address or chosen home address, first and last names of parents and /or children, series and number, issuer identity of ID papers, and other such data. The listing does not exhaust all categories of data that can be applied, which can vary according to the specific legal assistance agreement concluded with the client.

Refusal to provide requested information may result in failure to fulfill legal activities contracted.

Personal data collected will be provided to institutions and bodies entitled to know, in order to fulfill legal services contracted by the client.

At any time the client is entitled to request the firm to not provide information of personal data to third parties, assuming, however, the risks derived from this decision. Also, the client is entitled to demand that it be answered in writing, free of charge, how is processed personal data collected by the Cabinet.

Following the obligations of recording and archiving related to lawyer’s activity, the firm will not erase from its records personal data already collected, forcing, however, to stop any form of disclosure to third parties.

In any circumstances, personal data provided by the Customer to our firm is not and will not be subject to any transaction or processing or to third parties, being under the scope of professional secrecy regarding specific lawyer-client relationship.

Our firm does not process the personal data for purposes of direct marketing operations and shall not send briefings to clients, except periodically contracted advisory.

3. Terms of services offered

The mandate is given by signing the legal assistance contract whose terms would be determined in advance by negotiation.

Contract value
Contract value (fee) is submitted on the proforma invoice, which is issued to the Client on the initial order or the automatic renewal of this contract.
The site fees are in euro, but the payment is made in Lei based on the NBR's exchange rate on the day proforma invoice is issued.

Initial order and first payment
The invoice for ordered services is issued after sending the initial order.
Together with proforma invoice customer will receive two copies of the legal assistance contract through one of the following methods at your choice: mail, fax or e-mail.

After the client will sign and / or stamp the contracts we must return one copy in the above agreed manner.
Contract is considered concluded when the office received back a copy signed by the Client. Contract is considered concluded in Bucharest.

Payment is made by bank transfer to the account written in the contact page, by postal order or cash.
The customer has the duty to pay the invoice in maximum 15 (fifteen) calendar days from date of issue.
When payment of the services ordered by Customer is confirmed, the firm will issue the original invoice.

Conclusion of contract
Legal assistance contract is concluded for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of signing.
On completion of the initial period, contract is automatically extended under the same conditions for a period equal to the initial term, except where one party has announced its intention to cancel this contract at least 7 (seven) days before the expiration date of this contract.

Performance of the contract
Arrangements for implementation will be determined on a case by case basis. In principle, any legal service will be provided after paying an advance fee or part thereof.

The fee schedule is available in time slot 08.00 - 18.00, in working days, which are normal working hours. Besides working hours or in holidays, emergency assistance can be provided only under the "family lawyer" plan if not otherwise specified as special conditions.

Online legal advice is given within 2 days.
Consultancy and legal representation is taking place, usually, help desk (online and by phone). The hours included in the monthly fixed fees are deemed to be made within normal working hours. Work carried out outside normal working hours is subject to an increase rate of 50% of the fee schedule plan if not otherwise specified in special conditions.
Journeys made in Bucharest to meet the client or in his interest will not be charged.

Travels outside Bucharest will be subject to settlement and are treated as expenses in the interest of the client and will involve paying a fee negotiated separately and distinctly. Costs incurred in customer interest will be advanced by the lawyer's office and will be highlighted later. Their payment will be made separately, as per documents provided.
Another specialty contracting services in order to fulfill legal duties (e.g. evaluations, financial services etc) will be subject to prior approval of the client.

In case you require documents, they will be sent by mail scan, fax or land mail, as applicable, based on the record.

Documentation shall be in Romanian. For translation into another language translator's fee is charged separately for authorized or unauthorized translations and notary fee, as appropriate.

Professional obligations are governed by Law 51/1995 for organization and exercise of lawyer’s profession, Status of lawyer’s profession and Code of Ethics (confidentiality, professional secrecy).
Provisions governing electronic commerce are not applicable.

Sharing of information
Any notification / communication between the parties shall be made by email.
Each party agrees to receive communications available through the mail, each message finally bearing the sender's identification data (name, surname, address, phone, etc.), and is considered received when the parties to whom they are addressed are able to access them.
Each Party undertakes to archive all communications relevant to the contract.

Contractual liability
Appeals and complaints on fees is solved by the Bar Council.
Bar decisions can be appealed to the Standing Committee, whose resolution is final.

Termination of the contract
Contract stops by execution or by mutual agreement.
The contract may be canceled by the client only in case of gross negligence and by lawyer in cases stipulated by law.

If the contract will be concluded at a distance, within 10 days from its conclusion the Customer is entitled to cancel it by notifying us in writing. This provision applies only if the execution of the contract has not started before the expiration of 10 working days