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Fees policy

Taking into account the current business climate, where companies are increasingly aware of the importance of reducing costs, and individuals are looking for the best deals, CM Law Office offers them a flexible fees policy that can be adapted to every client specific needs.

The fees shall be set freely between lawyer and client, both in terms of their amount, and the timing and methods of payment.

The fees will be set in relation to:

  • complexity, duration and urgency of the matter;
  • time and workload required to execute the given mandate;

Types of fees:

  • fixed
  • variable
  • fee by objective - usually based on positive results in certain legal actions, such as debt recovery. The fee is a percentage of the recovered debt.

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CM designed 3 types of subscriptions: base, standard and professional, especially to the companies and adapted according to the needs of each.
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Family Lawyer

CM has designed this new service, targeted in particular to individuals, because of their need to have a single lawyer to meet the following essential criteria:

  • to know the legal issues of family;
  • to offer total privacy;
  • to be always available for urgent matters;
  • to provide fee discounts;