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Civil Law

Ownership and possession:

  • Shares in claim
  • Stock holders
  • Actions on finding property rights (Adverse possession and access)
  • Actions on defense of property rights and possession
  • Expropriation for public utility cases
  • Law 10/2001
  • Law 18/1991


  • Successions openness and debate
  • Drafting wills
  • Cancellation of fraudulent donations
  • Defending the heirs’ rights (parents, children, grandchildren and surviving spouse)
  • Validation / cancellation of wills
  • Out of possession partition

Family and Minor Litigation:

  • divorce
  • juvenile custody - national and cross-border
  • common goods sharing
  • paternity conflicts
  • consultancy and legal assistance in the choice or modification of the matrimonial regime

Execution and elaboration of personalized contracts: sale and purchase, exchange, donation, lease / rental, loan, the life annuity, deposit, etc.