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Family Lawyer

The "Family Lawyer" plan offers comprehensive legal services to all members of your family.

Plan benefits:

  • reduce the time spent looking for a lawyer to respond to customer requirements, whenever there is a problem;
  • offers comfort and safety - a relationship built over time between lawyer and client;
  • confidentiality of information and responsibility for each individual case;
  • permanent availability for urgent matters;
  • priority given to family members;
  • 5% reduction in the lawyer's fees;

Area of application:

By this plan we provide legal services in various fields of application of the law:

  • family - adoption, establishing guardianship / curatorship, divorce, partition, of maintenance for children and former spouses, custody and child visitation plan;
  • inheritance - openings and succession debates, editing / cancellations wills and donations, out of possession;
  • real estate - Investment, restitution, documents verification;
  • criminal - urgent situation assistance;
  • labor - representative in labor disputes, pensions and social insurance;
  • commercial - companies incorporation and changes, Self Employed and family associations;
  • drafting and negotiating contracts;
  • judicial representation - in front of courts;
  • extrajudicial representation - in front of institutions: ANPC, OSIM, ITM, etc.

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